Sunday, 30 August 2009

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My First Post

So I’ve finally decided to start wiring a blog. About 10 years too late, but then its never too late is it? Don’t even know if I will keep it up. And why an orange Tree? Becuase I love orange trees. They are a sight for sore eyes. So simple yet so beautiful. And they remind me of Spain of course. From the courtyard of the Mezquita Catedral in Cordoba, to lining the streets all over the peninsula.

Some possible titles that I could have written about over the past few years had I not been so lazy: All the places I have been to, The Weddings (not mine), The Russian, The Swiss Sri Lankan, The Tall Solicitor, The Short Solicitor, Crocodile Shoes, 8th of the 8th, The Imam, etc etc etc. Maybe they’ll pop up here and there. Or many be I should leave the past in the past. But thats what forms us as indivuduals and characters isn’t it.

Words and sentences form in my head like concertinas and springs, and its finally time to write them down. I dont care if nobody reads this. Actually, it would be nice if some random strangers fell upon it in cyberspace. But I’m not writing for them. I’m writing for me. There’s too much bottled up and somethings got to let out.

So what should I make my first post about? Marshmallows. I love marshmallows. And bless Asda for stocking halal ones. I even had some for sehri today, hehe. Soft and fluffy and sweet and satisfying. In Spanish they are called nubes (pronounced noo-bes) which translates directly as clouds. How perfect is that. Sweet clouds. Sometimes the best part of a flight is ascending through the clouds and being directly above them. I imagine it to be like a bouncy castle but with the texture of expensive cotton wool. Some friends and I were once talking about having a marshmallow ceremony (ok so mainly it was me talking and coming up with crazy ideas and them humouring me). Like a Japanese tea ceremony, but with marshmallows. And we’d all wear pastel colours, but our goth friend can wear black/brown, cos toasted marshmallows are really good too. If I ever get to jannah, inshallah, marshmallows will have a big part to play there :-)

9th fast today. Ramadan Kareem to you all.